Contour Plus - Máy Đo Đường Huyết Thế Hệ Mới

Contour Plus – Máy Đo Đường Huyết Thế Hệ Mới

The kit includes:

  • 01 gauge
  • 05 blood draw needles
  • 01 blood draw pen
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Contour Plus Blood Glucose Control System Delivers Accuracy and Simplicity

  • No coding technology: helps eliminate bias when installing wrong encryption
  • No installation required: ready to try as soon as you take it out of the box
  • Second chance sampling: allows refill within 30 seconds if the blood sample is insufficient
    Common features Special features
    for all patients Meet advanced requirements
    • Small blood sample: 0.6μL
    • Sip-in Sampling helps to get enough blood to test the first time
    • The 5-second countdown is working
    • Widescreen is easy to read results
    • HI/LO levels depend on each individual
    • Weekly HI/LO level summary
    • Results 7, 14 and 30 days
    • Pre- and postprandial markings
    • Timer setting with sound


How to use

  • Get immediate results in 3 simple steps without having to install a machine or install code

Instructions for use

  • 100% of patients can perform operations with the Contour Plus blood glucose machine without instruction.
  • 99.5% of patients can read and understand the results easily.

Contour Plus Blood Glucose Meter

  • Exceeds the exact requirements of ISO 15197: 2013 (refer to ISO 15197: 2013 here).
  • Độ chính xác trong khoảng nghiêm ngặt hơn khoảng sai lệch cho phép, ở mức ± 10 mg/dL hoặc ± 10%

ISO 15197:2013

  • Công nghệ chính xác Multipulse đảm bảo việc đo lường glucose chính xác, ngay cả khi mức glucose trong máu thấp. Sự chính xác không bị ảnh hưởng bởi những chất gây nhiễu (vui lòng xem hướng dẫn sử dụng Contour Plus).

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